First blog post

Hello everyone! (*≧▽≦)/

Welcome to my first WordPress Blog of Pockychama!

Far before this was created, I was asking around my friends about what should I make to place my cosplay Portfolio, where everyone can see them easily just by clicking the link. I have few lists on mind:

  • Tumblr, which I have to redesign the blog
  • Blogspot, same like tumblr
  • Worldcosplay, basically it’s the best place to place the cosplay photos, but it’s worldwide (global page)

After few days of thinking, I decided to create (more like re-design) the blog again. It got me thinking once more to choose which platform that easiest to use. Blogspot or WordPress. Obviously I’ve work with both of them. I don’t remember how many times I re-design my Blogspot but still butthurt to look at (*゚ー゚)ゞ


I asked for the last time and the response is quite surprising when they all choose WordPress. The reason is because it’s easier to use. So here I am, giving this a shot and hope I can pull some tricks here. (●o≧д≦)o

Oh-my! I shouldn’t tell long story about this but let me continue with my purpose of creating WordPress! I’ve been blogging since I was high school when I learned my first blogspot, but with my school and work life, I’m so lazy (and tired!) to continue. Besides, back then my writing sucks (forgive me lol)

So in this new year, new resolution, I want to pick up my motivation again to continue what I left back before! (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

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