Ennichisai 2017

Little Tokyo Ennichisai Blok M is an annual Japanese art and culinary festival held at Blok M, South Jakarta, since 2010.

This festival, organized by Blok M Estate Management and Ennichisai Blok M Team, attracts up to 200,000 visitors each year and has been one of the tourism agenda of Jakarta. The whole area will be covered with Chochin (Japanese lampion) and have 150 booths providing Japanese foods and goods, creating a matsuri atmosphere in the area.

Traditional art performances such as omikoshi, taiko and Japanese traditional dances will enliven this festival. Aside from the traditional ones, visitors will also be entertained by a series of Japanese Pop Culture events and performances. Continue reading


Creators’ Super Fest 2017


It’s been a while (super long time) since my last post about cosplay. Well, I’ve been busy with my daily life and my work is increasing like drastically! I even didn’t have time to write my stories (OMG!) But no worries, I don’t plan to drop it as I’m trying to be on schedule and starts to release another title next month! Continue reading

Cosplay Trend

2B! 9S! NieR:Automata!

Today my timeline is full about NieR:Automata especially on 2B. You must have known about the new-released PS4 game that tells a story about Android, a spin-off from Drakengard. I will be honest with everyone that I don’t have PS4, I don’t play DOD 1-3, I don’t even play the games AT ALL. But despite all of them, it doesn’t stop me to dream to cosplay one of these characters, right? Continue reading