Once upon a time, there was a wolf wandered alone within the forest. He left his pack, his family behind when the Queen set them free to find their own reason of living. The wolf never felt as lonely as he did at the moment since he used to live under the King, swear to protect the Queen, or even hanging out with his best friends like Eagle who also his partner in the pack. They also did regular fights with other packs or unusual group like thieves, hunters, etc but those times were over and nothing was left for him. As he walked, passing by the lake, a human girl was standing across it and looked at him with a smile when her eyes met his. Yes, she was Red Riding Hood

He was familiar with her, known her for such a long time when she was a little kid. Those smiles were only shown to her parents, brother, and sister, she was so much happy those times until her sister died either in Hawk’s claws or Tiger’s fang but the Wolf blamed both of them in the end. He met her face to face for once in the middle of her cries when her sister died by giving her a flower. Ever since that, he loved Red Riding Hood, they talked, they laughed, spent times together until he knew the truth about who the Wolf really were and about the human girl identity as well, he was devastated and stated to himself that they can’t or shouldn’t be together. Love didn’t exist between them, that’s what he thought.

The Wolf denied his feeling so many times whenever meeting Red Riding Hood. It was forcing itself to bite her hard in order for her to left him by leaving scars. The Queen had known his hidden feelings but the Wolf never shared about the truth about himself as well to her. With those efforts that the Wolf had been trying, the Red Riding Hood didn’t give up, she kept moving forward and pursued the Wolf until she found out by herself about the truth that people had been hiding from her.

When she knew all of it, she couldn’t find herself to cry and feeling angry with the Wolf. How could the Wolf never tell me this important matter? She thought until the Queen told her about his intention why he never told her. Apparently, he just wanted her to find another human to fall in love with, another man that deserved her love than him.

“I’m a wolf, a monster. I don’t need love from a human. If I try to defy myself, I will end up hurting her more than I have now.”

Those were his last words to the Queen. Hearing those things, Red Riding Hood made her own decision, she had to find his Wolf again in order to reach her own happiness and that’s why she was standing across the lake, waiting for him as she was sure he would walk on that path.

“Why you are here, Red Riding Hood?” The Wolf said with low voice.

I’m looking for you, Mr Wolf.” She smiled, “I’m here for you.

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