[WR] Chapter 6

Paris. The city of love, inspiration, art and lights. Charles Dickens once says that it is the most extraordinary place in the world.

The sunset in Paris shows that the day has slowly turning into night, but the people doesn’t seem like to go home early. The reason behind it is because the night is the moment where the spark of romance is happening.

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[WR] Chapter 5

Normally when people heard a gunshot they would startled and panicking but Sera and William acted like it’s normal. The gunshot disconnected the call between them. Sera couldn’t help but wondering what was happen on the other side.

“Is there something wrong?” William asked without looking her.

“Hm, I hope nothing’s wrong.” William can feel she concerned about it. After a while, her phone started ringing and the ID was private. She picked the call up before it’s cut off.

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[WR] Chapter 4

The sky turned orange when the red-head wrung her wet hair after taking long shower with full of problems that she had to think of. First, she had to think about the job that Queen gave her as it took lot of work to do and she had to call her team to help her, which she felt reluctant to do so. The reason behind was she didn’t know where they were at the moment and half of them are lazy to follow her order. Second, she found out that William supposed to assist her on the job as she found an airplane ticket with his name. What can possibly go wrong unless they were being awkward to each other.

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[WR] Chapter 3

The lady looked amused to see William as she barged in before he could permit her to go inside his messy apartment. She walked to the couch, finding a spot where there was no paper lying around while checking her surrounding.

William closed the door and went to the kitchen, preparing an instant milk tea which he always had whenever she visited. He handed a warm cup of tea to her and sat back to his seat, asking her what she was doing in his apartment.

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[WR] Chapter 2

Ba-ka!” she yelled ‘Idiot’ in Japanese after threw empty can that hit my head and ran out from my apartment.

I can’t believe I used to love her. Don’t get me wrong I still do, but there are several complicated circumtances that drive me to act cold like this. I just don’t want to lose her again and I promise to someone that I will protect her, even though that someone is gone.

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[WR] Chapter 1

I rode my bicycle back to my place and put my bag on the small couch near my bed then went to sleep. I was not in mood to think about the ‘job’ he gave or the fact that our relationship was in stake.

First of all, Hi, my name is Sera Azuela. I’m 5’1″ tall, medium-length wavy red-head with grayish eyes and despite my spanish-like name, I was not born in Spain or grew up in Spanish Family. Azuela is my middle name and I don’t use my last name because I was adopted to begin with. I never knew my biological parents who I assumed already died because I was found right in front of the door of the orphanage with no letter or precious item as remembrance. It was like a normal-typical story of poor baby-girl who has been abandoned by their parents.

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