[WR] Chapter 6

Paris. The city of love, inspiration, art and lights. Charles Dickens once says that it is the most extraordinary place in the world.

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[WR] Chapter 4

Previously on Chapter 3, The Queen who is William’s sister, Alicia Dreyar, visited his brother not just to console about his problem but also talking about the job that she gave him.

Apparently the job required his participation to complete the job. William slightly doubted that Alicia had all these planned.

After getting reprimand by her, he decided to visit Sera to talk.

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[WR] Chapter 3

Previously on Chapter 2,
William talked about his past that he felt like an unending nightmare and how he ended up like today.

A familiar face comes by to his apartment and she seems have something up on her sleeve.

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PS: From up to this chapter, the point of view will be changed back to Author (third person/narrator)

[WR] Chapter 2

After talking about Sera, William starts to reminisce about his past and his true identity. He is a lone-wolf that always act tough in front of the others.

Find out more about William in this Chapter 2 – About Him.

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[WR] Chapter 1

Hello, My name is Sera Azuela, before we go to the my love story, let’s find out more about my past in this chapter.

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