My name is Reiki. Welcome to my blog!
I am an ordinary girl who started cosplaying on 2013, officially become full-pledged cosplayer on 2015 until now. Cosplay is one-way where I can meet new friends and social life that I’ve never experience in the past-time.

I have multiple personalities. Difficult to understand, easily to be pleased but not to bribe. I am very talkative person when I get comfortable with someone which make me very insensitive and spontanious sometimes with my words-of-choice.
Conclusion: I DONT BITE!

Japan is my dream destination. My love to “Pocky” is eternal (possibly less Matcha) ; Puppies and Kitties are lovelies from Heaven  ; Anime and Manga are escape route from boredom especially BL

Reiki – Pockychama
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Pocky, Puppies, Kitties and BL is Love
Email: ipockysaurus@gmail.com

Photo Credit by KuraPixx | Andree Photography | ID Photo Gallery