[WR] Chapter 6

Paris. The city of love, inspiration, art and lights. Charles Dickens once says that it is the most extraordinary place in the world.

The sunset in Paris shows that the day has slowly turning into night, but the people doesn’t seem like to go home early. The reason behind it is because the night is the moment where the spark of romance is happening.

A blonde woman with 5′ 3″ tall, wearing the bright red coat and sunglasses. She walked inside to the Cafe Francoeur, ordering her dinner for two and waiting for her partner to show up. Even though she was already inside the warm cafe, she didn’t take off her glasses or even the coat. People could not help but to wonder the odds.

She took a sips of her latte until the bells from the door ringing, letting the waiters know that their cafe was having new customer. Another male with suits walked in the place, informing the waiter that he had company waiting for him inside. He looked around and found the person who was not sitting too far from the entrance. He curled his fingers in towards his palm, holding his anger and walked over to the table.

The blonde woman didn’t say anything as the man sat on the other side. He snatched up his drink on the table which was served for him and drink it till it’s empty. The man slammed the glass, making a rough knock sounds.

“Let me say this once to you. I will not give in on this case and you cannot make me to. Not matter how much money you prepared, I will not take a dime.” The man declared his statement and threw down several bills of dollar before leaving the place.

The woman was setting her own drink down carefully and started eating her dinner with elegance. She hasn’t say any words until her phone rang. The ID name is Master.

“Yes… He declined our proposal… Don’t worry I can take care of him, more like he has been taken care by himself.” She hung up the phone and continue eating.

She finished her dinner and pay the meal of two where the other food is left untouchable. She walked out from the cafe, took out pack of cigarette and lit one. She stood in front of the cafe for 30 seconds when an ambulance pass her and there were some people started talking about a man suddenly died not too far from the cafe.

Exhaling the smoke, the woman murmured, “He should eat first before drink. What an impatient man.” Without finishing, she put out the cigarette and walked away with a cynical smiles.

The lady in red got to her car and rode back to her apartment.

Upon her arrival to an apartment, she took off her coat at the nearest couch and placed the glasses along with the keys on the small table besides her. Walking to the bathroom while undressing herself where she found a half-filled warm bath-tub has been prepared for her. She tied her hair up, leaving few inches strands slipped out before dipping into the warm water.

The bath-curtain was covering when someone decided to sneak inside the room and tip-toe to the bathroom. With a gun on the back, someone has intention to kill her while she was enjoying the water. The moment the curtain was being pulled open, a gun is being pointed to someone’s head before the other gun can reached her.

“You’re 10 years too early to be facing me.” Her statement brought a tiny smile to her lips, “Zen.”

Zen, 15 years old young boy, who tried to kill her fell on his back due her surprise attack. Leaning on the side of the bath-tub, she reached his grayish hair, patting his head and compliment his skill to hide his presence. The young boy was embarassed but happy that he got compliment from her.

The woman ordered him to fetch her towel as she was about to finish. He didn’t say anything afterwards and follow her order before he went out and threw his gun on the basket with annoyance.

Zen followed the woman to the kitchen after walked out from the bathroom to grab a bottle of beer in the refrigerator. The boy stood near the table, thinking about new strategy to ambush until the woman fetched another drink for the boy. A glass of milk.

“I’m not a kid anymore.” He sulked and pushed the milk.

“Drink.” Her voice was firm and commanding without looking at him. As much as he hated it, he drank it in the end.

“Get yourself ready with decent clothes. We are going out tonight.” She said suddenly, putting down the bottle and went to her room for changing.

“What is the occassion? I thought I am not allowed to go outside.” Zen reminded her that she was giving him an order not to step out from her apartment.

“It’s okay. I’m in a good mood today. Besides, tomorrow is your birthday right? It’s almost midnight. So we better hurry to get your presents.” The boy couldn’t hide his expression that he was actually excited that the woman remember his birthday and even preparing a present.

It has been 7 years since he started to live with her and normally they only talked when dinner, training session or another free time if they spent time together at the apartment. He rushed to his room, changing into the cleanist clothes he has. Once the woman ready, she could see the excitement on his face and it brought smile on her lips. Grabbing her car keys and both of them set off to the places they need to go.

The first place they will visit was tailor store. There was one store that still have 24-hours service and judging by the boy’s appearance, he surely need some new clothes that fits with his height. He might be almost fifteen but his tall already reached up to her chest without wearing heels.

“This is your second presents.” She gave him a small box and told him to open. It was a rectangular shape necklace like a military name-tag with an alphabet carved in it.


“From tomorrow your codename will be addressed as Z. Never revealed your name unless you want someone to track you.”

The boy was hesitant to accept. It was like he had no choice but to accept his fate from the moment he was raised by the woman who once wiped out his entire family.

He let out a sigh and mustered up his courage to ask, “With this, am I starting to become a murderer?”

The light was red when the car stopped. The streets were quiet as there were no people or cars passing by. She raised her hand, the boy flinched but the hand landed on his head.

“Have you ever thought why I took you in instead of shot you back then?” The boy shook his head, “Because I see myself inside you. It’s complicated for you to understand now but one day you will understand.”

She stepped the gas pedal when the light went green and she took left, parking her car on the available slot. She turned off the engine and without looking his face, she continued, “I raised you not to become like me. I trained you very well, so one day when I leave, you will be on your own. Even if I become your enemy.”

Zen a bit taken a back with her statement. The lady saw his trouble look and ruffled his soft hair, “until then, I will teach you everything I know.”

The boy made a glance at her and looked back the name-tag with a lots of thought. The woman didn’t waste her time to sit on the car, waiting his decision and got off from the car. They entered to the shop when the owner told them that it was close time.

“You can’t close this shop when I’m visiting, right Mr Danbur?”

“Ms. Aralynn! It’s been a while since your last visit.” The old man looked happy to see his acquintance visiting her, “You must be coming to get your order, right?”

“Certainly it is. It’s a present for his birthday tomorrow and I want it fits perfectly on him before I complete the payment.” She put her hands on the boy’s back and pushed a little bit to Mr Danbur.

“Ah, It’s been a while since I saw him. He surely grow a lot.” The old man pushed his glasses to bridge of his nose.

“Pleasure to see you again, sir.” he said while putting on his tag around his neck. His eyes looks determine, like to achieve a certain goal he set on his mind where the lady also doesn’t know.

Mr Danbur made a santa-claus laughed, like he understood the meaning of his gaze. He nodded few times while writing something at his record-book and fetch the order.

While they are testing some formal clothes, Zen couldn’t help but to astonish everytime he looked himself in the mirror. Like it wasn’t him. Mr Danbur also prepare some casual, modern clothes for him to try. Some of them a bit loose but the old man assured that it can use when he fits enough to wear. Other than that, all of them fit him perfectly.

“Miss, are these all for me?” Zen couldn’t help to notice all the expensive clothes that pile up besides him.

Aralynn stood up behind him and gave a peck on the cheek, “Happy Birthday!”

A phone rings when Aralynn accepted the call from her secretary. She took the call outside while Mr Danbur gave another clothes to Zen for fitting. She walked inside the store shortly after finished the conversation.

“How are they, Mr Danbur?” She made a quick look over to Zen with his new clothes and some at the table.

“Yes, all of them fits, the measurement is right on point. I made it slightly bigger in case he gets taller. Come to me again when you need custom clothes.” The old man laughed to his regular customer.

“I certainly will inform you when we visit Paris, Mr Danbur.” She took out her platinum card and finalized the payment. The clothes are folded neatly on the bags and Zen helped out with the bags when Aralynn told him to go outside first.

Few minutes after, Aralynn walked out the store and got in the car with Zen where he asked about the clothes, “I know it’s my birthday present, but do we need all of these? since I rarely go out.”

“Yes and we are leaving Paris today.”

“Oh– What?!” Aralynn told him to buckle up and she drove the car to the private airport where some people in black suits already waiting for her.

The black suit men took the luggage and bags out from the car, moving them inside the Jet. Zen was clueless about the sudden trip but followed her anyway. He felt a bit nervous in the fancy iron bird as it is the first time.

“Relax, kid.” She ruffled his hair, showing an expression of such tenderness, “We are going to London. I have some business over there. Besides it’s good for you to see how vast the world it is. Don’t you think this is a great idea?” She smiled while pushed her black glasses up the bridge of her nose.

“Boss, these are the documents you need to sign and we have few projects to be discussed and approved along the way.” One of the black-suits man handed her a brown file as Aralynn told him to leave it to check later.

The woman spotted a white envelope with no address nor name written on it. She tore the paper and checked the insides. Her brown eyes narrowed thoughtfully then she slowly smiled. She was noticing that a pair of golden eyes watching her like a cat.

“Zen, can you stop staring at me with those full of curiosity eyes?”

“Well, you haven’t told me what are we going to do at London.” He sat up straight as Aralynn helped him to switch the chair to comfort mode.

“I told you to relax, right? We are surely going to have lots of fun there.” The words were final and she told him to take a rest before they arrived the city of Big Ben.


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