Ennichisai 2017

Little Tokyo Ennichisai Blok M is an annual Japanese art and culinary festival held at Blok M, South Jakarta, since 2010.

This festival, organized by Blok M Estate Management and Ennichisai Blok M Team, attracts up to 200,000 visitors each year and has been one of the tourism agenda of Jakarta. The whole area will be covered with Chochin (Japanese lampion) and have 150 booths providing Japanese foods and goods, creating a matsuri atmosphere in the area.

Traditional art performances such as omikoshi, taiko and Japanese traditional dances will enliven this festival. Aside from the traditional ones, visitors will also be entertained by a series of Japanese Pop Culture events and performances.

It’s my fourth time to visit Ennichisai! I believe I cannot miss this event despite the sea of people that multiply every year, the only thing that I cannot miss are the foods and the hospitality from Japanese people themselves OvO9

This event is always combine with CLAS:H like the venue is besides the Mall (Blok M Square). So double heat, double crowd but double excitement as well. This year I didn’t attend the event until night because I have another appointment but I hope there will a time I stay out until night and watch the Fireworks!

Well, as mentioned before that I’m super terrible at describing, let the photos guide you to my activities in this Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo, Blok M!

Japanese people

They are super nice! Kind and very talkative. With my broken Japanese, I always try to have little chat with them and they are understand (somehow,haha) I have to study Japanese language ASAP so I won’t embarassed myself every year lol..


I visited Shooting Game booth where I got Ballon and a can of Beer! hohoho I visit Ennichisai late at the night on the first day because my friends and I were on the area, so we thought it won’t be a bad idea if we stop by there. I tried the shooting game, 30K for 5 shots and got a Ballon (the one that similar in Anime, that tied with rubber and you slipped in your finger then play like yo-yo). The second day I visit there, I got another balloon but I asked them if I can trade it with a can of Beer. They agreed and give me one! (I’m legal people no worries HAHA)


Next, Calligraphy Booth. I wrote my own name there with brush. It looked easy but it’s really nerve-wreaking. My hand was shaking and wished I didn’t mess up with the writing (but nailed it anyway lol)


I also visit Shojo Complex’s booth for their Matcha-Vanilla Soft Ice Cream. The ice cream was nice but melt as fast as it could. met Shojo Complex’s members, Ola and Irene later at 14:30 after circling one block for foods and broke through the human sea.


I met both of them at the same year which was 2015.

I knew Hiroaki Kato from his famous cover song, Sepatu which he sings the Japanese version. I met him back in the opening of Jak-Japan Matsuri at Fairmont Hotel where my friend and I did part-time over there. It’s very surprising though when we just realized that we were attending the Opening of Jakarta-Japan Matsuri (lol)

I also met Yoshio-san (the yellow shirt) as he is the owner of the food-chain called “Kin no Tori Kara“. It’s amazing that after these 2 years, he still remembered me as the Cosplay girl from AFAID! I’m very honoured :’)

Festival and Foods

I don’t remember eating lots of food. But I remembered that I was having Takoyaki, Soft-Ice Cream, and Karaage Chicken (Kin no Tori Kara). I also tasted Kakigori, Fried Squid, Curry Udon. I don’t even remember to take the pictures of them :’)


The annual trademark that makes people excited of Ennichisai are the Traditional art performances such as omikoshi, taiko and Japanese traditional dances! The Omkoshi will passed the street twice in a day and night. So the street will be cleared for them to pass. The cute thing is that not only adult who participates the perfomance but there are children and teenager as well!

At the end of the day

It’s very sad that I didn’t attend the event until late because I have another appointment that I cannot miss. But it’s worth of the fun, definitely will come back next year with my friends. Once in a year event that I cannot miss!


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