Creators’ Super Fest 2017


It’s been a while (super long time) since my last post about cosplay. Well, I’ve been busy with my daily life and my work is increasing like drastically! I even didn’t have time to write my stories (OMG!) But no worries, I don’t plan to drop it as I’m trying to be on schedule and starts to release another title next month!

Creators’ Super Fest 2017

29, 30 APRIL 2017

Creators’ Super Fest is an event where local creators get to showcase
and sell their independent works to the wide market directly,
while learning from industry figures invited to the event!

 This event is like pre-AFA or mini-AFA (Anime Festival Asia) but they are more into the local creators who get to showcase their works ! Since I’m bad in describe how the event looks like, I will just upload some images that can help you to understand more o(^▽^)o

Floor Map

To me, the floor map is very organize for Exhibitors, Premium and Regular booths! Very neat and but as always not easy to find the booths at Regular section! Because all of the booths have amazing merchandise! (BEWARE: Poison is everywhere, especially NieR:Automata! (╯✧∇✧)╯)

My Cosplay


Can you believe that these are the only proper selfie that I did before go to event ; o ;

I forgot to do a lot of selfies at the event and this is the result! I only have 1-2 selfies before go to event ( Q v Q )/

Guest Star(s)


My favorite cosplay idol! Yingtze is so talented in sewing, art, makeup and her costumes are amazing! Everytime I meet her, she always nice, friendly and kind 😍😍 Thank you Yingtze! Everytime I saw her I always forget small gifts I want to give but in the end, I gave her Pocky on Day1 (HAHA)

I also Meet and Greet with M.G. for the first time! Thank you Creator Super Fest for inviting her to Indonesia! She is super friendly, talented in art and cosplay. I met her for two days and she is super nice and kind to accept my coscard (cries;;)

Amazing Group of Cosplayer(s) and Friends

For more photos of people I met, you can check my album here


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Booths – Exhibition, Premium and Regular Booths!

The venue was very packed yet organized for the booths since we could recognize which was the Premium one and Regular. The Exhibition Booths are right near the entrance where people could access easily like Stages, Foods, Drinks, Art Wall. Premium booths are after the Exhibition as they are showcasing their product or/and direct selling. The half of the venue was filled with Regular booths, I think it’s nearly 100(?) local creators booth!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shopping Time!

The greatest moment in an event is to shop! Shop Merchandise and cute keychains! You can check what I got from CSF on my instagram. I was sure that I spend almost 500K ;;v;; //cry for my wallet//


Last but not least: DJ KAZU!

He played most of the songs that familiar in my ears such as Crossing Field (LiSA) Walkure etc but there is one song that brings back to my childhood and fangirling with my friends because we watched the same anime back in 90s ! It’s Webdiver OP song!


Last Words

I have tons of fun! Meet lot of friends, old and new one! It’s very exciting to visit an event once in a while but not good for Mr.Wallet (HAHA) Next is Ennichisai 2017!


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