[WR] Chapter 5

Normally when people heard a gunshot they would startled and panicking but Sera and William acted like it’s normal. The gunshot disconnected the call between them. Sera couldn’t help but wondering what was happen on the other side.

“Is there something wrong?” William asked without looking her.

“Hm, I hope nothing’s wrong.” William can feel she concerned about it. After a while, her phone started ringing and the ID was private. She picked the call up before it’s cut off.

“I’m sorry, did you call me, Sera?” The gentle voice asked.

“Hi Michael. What is just happening?” Sera asked him back about the gunshot she heard.

“Nothing to worry about. Just taking care things here. I didn’t realize that my battery was low, so that’s why you only heard that before I could say hello.” Michael chuckled, “Hold for a minute, Red.”

He covered his phone to prevent the noise reached on the other side but Sera still can listen faintly that Michael was giving instructions to his men about cleaning things up, she assumed that he was on work. When Michael talked again, the noise is gone as he might be in his car or just walked to quiet place.

“Am I interrupting?” She asked again while checking out the window.

“No, not at all. Is there anything I can do?” Michael smiled, happy that Sera called him.

The good part in R.O.W is to have one sane man who are willing to help. Michael listened her request carefully about the job that she got.

“Her name is Aralynn. Her expertise is stealing, a trickster, and a professional killer. She works in the biggest real-estate company in London as cover. The job is to retrieve what she stole from us which is our organization’s data.”

Michael stopped her a moment, “So are we being assigned to kill or just to take what she stole? Wait, I’m more curious about how she manage to steal something from us.”

Sera took the paper from her table to find more details, “I’m not sure about that either. We only assigned to take back what she stole as in expensive artifact that worth millions dollar, is what the paper said.”

When Michael threw another questions, Sera searched another paper that has his answers until William gave signal to the girl to hand over the phone.

“Michael, this is William speaking.”

“Why are you there?” Michael cut him off before William could say another words, “Please tell me both of you not in the same place.”

Ignoring his question, William continue his explanation, “Actually the artifact that the woman stole is a tiny usb filled with data of our previous clients who have hired us and of course company’s confidential records. Because it’s the matter of time until she can hack in and control the money and our client as well.”

Michael sighed. If he knew William was involved as in the team, he wouldn’t bother to do anything. Then again he remembered Sera used to love him, so she definitely happy to work with him. He was conflicted whether to do the job for Sera or not to do the job because he couldn’t stand work together with his love-rival.

“Michael, you there?” The phone caller changed back to Sera, “When is the possible timing you can come back here for more details?”

Everyone in the team, including Sera knows that Michael was madly in love with Sera. But the man got rejected four years ago because Sera said she was in love with William. Then things got worse when William had accident that cost his memory and couldn’t remember a thing about her. That was the moment when William couldn’t accept her as his girlfriend and told her to give up on him.

It took a whole year until William remembered everything and he was certainly sure that he made no mistake to stop loving the red-head. It could be Michael’s opportunity to make move on Sera, but he didn’t want to push his feelings towards her nor want Sera to hate him for being pushy. So until now, he has one-sided love on her.

“Yes, I’m here. Okay I will fly there first thing tomorrow. I will call you when I reached there.” Michael felt ease when he was with Sera, at least he could monitor both of them. The man once witnessed her, heart-broken and cried for days after that horrible moment. He couldn’t bear to see her in that state anymore.

“Um, there is one more thing. Aiden will join us for this case too.” Sera could hear Michael surprised with her statement.

“How can he? Isn’t he in somewhere, I don’t know, doing experiments or something?” Michael tried to confirm once more that for Aiden to join was a joke.

“Well, apparently he is free and he will come. Thanks to Mr. William who don’t bother to ask and made the call by himself.” She stared at William and deliberately emphazised his decision to call Aiden without letting her knew beforehand.

Michael rubbed his temple and mumbling that it was the worst team setup he ever been. He agreed in the end and to protect Sera from the Wolf and mad scientist was the only thing on his mind. They ended the phone call afterwards and Sera put her attention back to the paper. Both of them didn’t talk much, the tension in the room was heavy when William made the first move.

“Sera.” the voice was hard, like he would like to talk something serious, “Do you still have feelings for me?” Well, that came out of no where and it made Sera almost choked. “I hope you don’t.” He said dryly, a hint of certainty on his voice, “because-”

“You don’t have rights to tell me what I have to do, especially it’s involving with my feelings. I don’t know why you try so hard to push me away but it’s my decision to keep loving you.” She said in one breath, “If you are done, take your airplane ticket and see yourself out. We will meet again tomorrow for another discussion when all of us has gathered.”

Sera walked to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee. She tried to control her anger and tears because of William’s word. He knew that she still has feeling for him yet all he did was pushing her away.

Next thing she knew, William left her apartment without saying anything. She locked the door and threw her body to bed, trying to recall the happy memories they have in the past and compared how much he had changed. He used to be kind, sweet and so caring. Until that night happened, everything changed.

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