[WR] Chapter 4

The sky turned orange when the red-head wrung her wet hair after taking long shower with full of problems that she had to think of. First, she had to think about the job that Queen gave her as it took lot of work to do and she had to call her team to help her, which she felt reluctant to do so. The reason behind was she didn’t know where they were at the moment and half of them are lazy to follow her order. Second, she found out that William supposed to assist her on the job as she found an airplane ticket with his name. What can possibly go wrong unless they were being awkward to each other.

Sera took a deep breath and let all the stress out in single breath. She grabbed a face-mask from the cooler, applied to her face and wore loose t-shirt. Sitting on her bed, checking out more details in the envelope that she might missed. Meanwhile she was dabbing her face, the doorbell was ringing indicate that someone was at her front door.

The red-head dragged her feet towards the door lazily and set the chain on locked mode before she open the door wide to welcome her guest in. What she saw almost blew her mind. Blonde man, 5’6 inch tall, leather black jacket, white plain t-shirt with dark blue jeans. She couldn’t help but to gaze the man up and down like she was hungry, moreover it’s William.

“Can I come in?” his husky-deep voice stirred her beating heart before he cleared his throat and repeat his question.

Stuttering, the girl opened the locks and welcoming the man in to her tidy, lady-like apartment. Sera told him to sit on the couch while she offered him what to drink. William didn’t say a word and his blue eyes kept looking on the blushing girl who noticed. Later on, he touched on his cheek as he referred to her face-mask which still on her face.

Sera touched her face and sudden realization that she was not in appropriate outfit nor appearance to face him. She was embarrassed, running to the bathroom and took off the mask, cleaning her face and wiped clean the excess water. She took the nearest clothes on the laundry rack which still smells nice to wear in front of him.

“So-sorry that you have to see that.” Sera said, stepping out the bathroom. She searched the paper and handed out his airplane ticket to William as she expected him to come and fetched it since that would be his only reason to come to her place.

“Thanks.” He said with a smile.

Again, Sera couldn’t help but to smile back and blushed slightly to see his charming gentle face after so long, “Is there anything that you want to discuss? since you have come here.”

“Yes, let’s discuss on the job that we will work on for these few weeks.” William pick up the paper that scattered on the table and checking them thoroughly.

The girl was a bit sad yet understand that the reason he came over to her place was to talk about the job. She shook her head and let go of her thoughts to talk about their relationship, better focusing on the job first. At least she can stay alone with him.

“Sera?” William caught her staring at him but the man let it pass like he didn’t know about it, “Have you called the rest of ROW team?”

ROW or Revolution of World, is Sera’s team which consists of 9 people including her. This team exists before Sera joined and become team-leader. ROW always works on their own to complete their task until Sera took over. The members didn’t have any objection back then as they almost disbanded because of some issues. As their leader, not only she brings back the team to one, she also manage to convince that they will not work for free and that’s the only thing that keeps them still together as one team.

Each of the members has their own special talents, skills and power. While Sera is excel at close-combat and fire-weapons expert except blades, the other girls are good with guns only. The male members have more unique skills and personality as hackers, blade-wielders, long-range shooter, scientist, and sharp-shooter.

Before Sera leads the current ROW or joined the King’s organization, Alliance of Season (AS), the team worked on their own and finished their own mission from another party. ROW itself is quite famous among the underworld society until present.

Wondering why they exist? the history started when it only consist of three members with Codenames: Nameless, LaFate and 1stDark. Quite flashy but their real name were unspoken to public in the past. The rest of members joined due unexpected reason as they are willingly to follow ROW path to become assassins.

For example, Valencia, one of the female members in ROW is the wealth daughter from Alenarre family. She has the power to access all information from upper-class people and also wealth to help the team. Valencia also works as young-COO on her mother company and gathering all sources as many as she can obtain for the team neccecity. Her personality is cheerful towards the teammates but to her empolyees, she always looks cold and intimidate. Valencia is the benefactor who funds the team’s expenses such as tickets, apartment and even weapons.

She choose the path of dark because her lover, Zero Ozera joined the team before her. The Ozera was once great prestige, wealth and well-known family through out generation. Envious by them, the opposing families’ conspired and brought misfortune upon the Ozera Family. The sole survivor of the family is their son, Zero managed to escape and he vow to take back what his and avenge his family. He is a perfectionist man and expert of creating bomb.

Valencia’s best friend, Arisa is the third member on ROW team. She was born Japanese but her english is excellent after she started living with her boyfriend, Nameless. Due unknown circumstances she also works for the team and Sera heard from Alicia that one of the reason is because she involved with the organization back before she joined ROW.

According to Sera’s judgement, the rest of male members are weird and crazy but they are genius at the same time, which made Sera annoyed.

“Not yet. I tried to contact 1stDark earlier but cannot reached his phone. Later I called Valencia and she said that he is having vacation somewhere in Indonesia with his girlfriend.” She shrugged, “I cannot reached Ozera too and Valencia also doesn’t know his whereabouts.”

“I think we don’t need to use Ozera’s power since we are going to solve this in more quiet way.”

William flipped the paper while thinking who Sera should call, “How about Nameless and LaFate, can you call Arisa for their whereabouts?”

“Currently they are running Queen’s errands in Karibia. I’m not sure when they will be back.”

“What an odd team.” William mumbled. Little he knew that Nameless and LaFate are actually brothers from same father and both of them have feelings with the girl. He suddenly remembered the other two member and before he brought their names up, Sera stopped him.

“Don’t even think about to ask me call Aiden. It’s better we don’t call him.”

“I was about to say Glen but then you brought up his name, I suddenly remember that I have called him on my way here. He will fly to London tonight.” William explained.

“What???” As much as Sera has tried to avoid Aiden, in this condition there was no way for her to escape from him.

Aiden or Asakura Kyousuke is the prodigy and well-known scientist. No one knows about his past not even the three founders of ROW. They know that Aiden is a remarkable genius man but also twisted as f—. His work as scientist on the surface is flawless and so is the underworld. He is known as Mad Scientist and Sera hates him to the core.

“Why are you hating him so much? He always do a good job until now.” William said as he started circling some point on the paper with red-colored pen, “Although his method can be a little bit gore.”

“He is sick! Annoying! and sick! argh!” Sera pressed her temple like she was having headache, “You don’t know how much he can be annoying and talking about his experiment, crazy experiment nonstop like it’s something fun.” Sera cursed several times.

“Hey, mind your language.” William told her to stop using bad words, “I will handle him just call Glen and ask if he can join us.”

Sera let out loud sigh and started calling Glen. The son of prestigious family and the leader of mob organization in New York. ‘Glen‘ is the name throughout generation as his real name is Michael Alinsky. He was chosen to become the next ‘Glen’ after his father died because of cancer when he was 15. From all the ROW’s team member, he is the oldest.

She dialed Glen’s number and waiting for his answer. Just when it reached to his side, a loud voice of gunshot was heard and then the call was disconnected…

What is happening?

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