[WR] Chapter 3

The lady looked amused to see William as she barged in before he could permit her to go inside his messy apartment. She walked to the couch, finding a spot where there was no paper lying around while checking her surrounding.

William closed the door and went to the kitchen, preparing an instant milk tea which he always had whenever she visited. He handed a warm cup of tea to her and sat back to his seat, asking her what she was doing in his apartment.

“Why are you asking such things? Can your sister visit you regularly to check your messy place?” She deliberately used sister as her reason of her visit, sipping her milk-tea and amused that he still using the instant one every time she came.

“Enough with your excuse. Just tell me what is your business here, Alicia.” He replied curtly without paying attention to her while checking the paper he left off.

Alicia Dreyar, the heiress of Dreyar family. After the Amore’s orphanage was destroyed, William and Allen were adopted by Dreyar family and they were assigned to protect her. Despite unrelated by blood, three of them were bonded through experience of life like normal siblings.

“2 years.” Alicia started to talk after she went silent, watching William who didn’t put his attention on her, “Just how much you’ve changed within these 2 years? I surely remember that the William I knew never act so cold like this.”

“Can you just go straight to your point why you are here in the first place?” said William, stopping his work and looked to Alicia. She put the cup on the coffee table and sighed before she started talking.

“I saw you have send the envelope to Sera.” William nodded and explained that she visited just this morning, “Have you checked inside?”

“No.” He replied short.

At this point, Alicia still held her temper not to get angry at his childish attitude, “You sure? why?”

“No, I don’t even open it and you addressed it clearly that it was for Sera. So no, I don’t open it at all.” William made his explanation cleared.

Alicia sighed for the second time, “Then, you should visit Sera and I suggest you to look into the paper. I may address it to her but I thought you will check first.”

William raised his brow, confuse that he was assigned to another job, “I thought you have relieved me from any duty.”

“It was YOU who choose to be relieved, not me. Did I ever said I relieved you? I remembered I just said, okay I’ll give you a couple days off and take vacations.” Alicia declared and it made William astonished, unsure what to say next.

The lady sighed for the last time before she left him, “You better go find out what your duty, finish it and report to me.”

Alicia couldn’t care less about her brother anymore especially after his attitude irritated her even more. Just when she took step pass the kitchen, William felt guilty about what he had done and stood up. He blocked her way out by pressing his hand the door, creating a loud bang noise. Alicia didn’t bother to told him move nor turn around.

“Look, I’m sorry. I mess up badly.” He was in doubt, thinking what he should say to fix this situation, “I have lots of thing on my mind over these past weeks. With the real job and even Sera.”

William let his hand go from the door and gave his sister back hug as he apologized for being jerk. Alicia replied that he was supposed to be sorry for ignoring such beautiful lady like her. The tension in the room melted as William chuckled and made Alicia turned around.

“oh, William.” she ran her thin, small hand through his locks of blonde hair, “I don’t know how hard you’ve been through but you know I always open for you and Allen if there’s anything to talk. Both of you are precious to me.”

Alicia smiled ruefully, clutching his shirt. William hugged her tight and brushed her soft short dark-colored hair. She used to have long beautiful silky hair until she decided to cut them off and every time William looked at her, he knew that Alicia has grown mature.

“I’m surprised.” William said suddenly as Alicia still on his embrace.

“About?”She looked up to see his thinking face.

William grinned, “That me and Allen are precious. Isn’t there someone that far more precious that us?” He teased his sister but she didn’t look amused.

Alicia force to give a smile while pinched his body, making him in pain and begged forgiveness. She let him go afterwards.

“You do know where he is, don’t you?” He asked, rubbing the place where she pinched to ease the pain.

“There are so many things that I have to do and I can’t face him yet.”

Alicia looked down but when William would hug her again, she slapped her cheeks and energetic again. She smiled to her brother and gave him, goodbye hug.

“Besides if destiny bring us together, we will meet again!” William cringed when she brought destiny to the talk, “And before you talk about my relationship, you better fix yours! Go and find Sera and tell your feelings!” She pointed him to his face, placing her other hand on the waist.

“It’s easier to say than do it, young lady.” William said with flat-tone, pinching her nose, “I know, I know I will settle it once this job is done.” William ruffled his hair.

Alicia made him pinky promise like when they were kid. She then left hurriedly as her phone ringing and the man on the other side yelled at her for taking so long at William’s apartment as he reminded her that they have so many appointments ahead to be done.

William shook his head after sending her off. He couldn’t believe that her little sister has grown into adult. It was just like yesterday when they were still in team and working to do mission together. He wore his leather jacket, took his bike’s key and with heavy steps, he had to visit his ex-girlfriend. At that moment, he was unsure what face that should be used to face her.

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