[WR] Chapter 2

Ba-ka!” she yelled ‘Idiot’ in Japanese after threw empty can that hit my head and ran out from my apartment.

I can’t believe I used to love her. Don’t get me wrong I still do, but there are several complicated circumtances that drive me to act cold like this. I just don’t want to lose her again and I promise to someone that I will protect her, even though that someone is gone.

I heard the sound of beeping from outside where someone press codes to get inside my apartment. A middle-aged man named Wilson showed himself while bringing a bag of grocery. He wasn’t alone when he let someone in, another man whom I address as brother.

“I think I just saw Sera but she looks like in hurry. Did she come to get the envelope?” Allen asks, closing the door and walking towards the couch. I sigh, nod to correct his statement that he isn’t seeing wrong person.

“I thought both of you quit the job already.” said Wilson, handing a cup of coffee to Allen.

“Not exactly quit, but we just doing some undercover works for the Queen. The one who execute them will the other party.” Allen explains briefly about ‘the job’ to Wilson without revealing too much about the information.

“We’re doing some research and planning to get it done as swiftly as we could, so nobody will get hurt or kill.” I added.

Wilson let out loud sigh and remind us to be careful. I am not too pleased to drag Wilson into our ‘dangerous’ lifestyle. Even though he won’t tell anyone, I am still worry about his safety as my foster father.

After taking hours of talking to them, they left the apartment as Wilson has to return to his gallery and Allen has some work to do. I got up from my seats and head to bed, refreshing my thoughts. I tried to recall my past and how I get into this mess.

My past wasn’t different much like Sera, we both are orphan and we met at Amore Orphanage when I was 12. I was sent to orphange when I was 5 by my mother’s friend, who currently become my foster father, Wilson Porter.  He didn’t have choice back then because he ran out of money  for both of us and sent me to orphanage was the best way for him to do so I wouldn’t starve to death. Wilson never knew his choice would affect my life upside down and brought so many painful memories through my childhood.

My name, William, was the last thing that my mother left for me before she passed away. She loves Prince William so much until she named me after the Prince of England. I never saw her face, never knew of her because she died after giving birth of me. I was not sure if I should feel sad about it or missing her and something, but I do greatful that I was born despite my life can be such full of crap.

Another best thing that my mother left for me is her parents, as they do acknowledge me as their grandson, even though they didn’t who the father was. They were supposed to adopt me back then when I was left on the orphanage but they couldn’t make it because when they found out about my whereabouts, the orphanage was already blown up to pieces, which made them think I died because of that accident. I started to contact them again when I reached 17 and told them that I’m alive and live well.

Those are just a little piece of my happiness in my story. There were several episode of my life that makes me a person I am now. The Amore Orphanage wasn’t an ordinary orphanage, it’s a base-camp for children who got abandoned by their parents and most of the children never knew who their parents were. I got send to the orphanage at the same day like Allen who become my brother. He is one year older than me and even though we aren’t brother by blood but we are very close, like we shared same interest and I know I can count on him and likewise.

The orphanage ran by couple of adults with their step-son, Adrian. We never really knew him until his parents gave the orphanage to his care when he was 17. That was the time, things got very serious. Adrian collected some of children within age 8-15 and started training them martial arts, some of them even being taught using knife. The reason behind such things was because they want us to know basic fights to defend ourselves. Of course it was a very cliche word but there were more than just for defense.

On the other night, Allen and I grew suspicious about him and decided to investigate him because we are the oldest than everyone back then. We felt responsible for the other younger kids. Just when we were close to the truth, we were found out and tortured relentless by Adrian’s men.

“Curiosity kills a cat, you know, or maybe two puppies.” Adrian said with cold tone, “You shouldn’t sniff around people business and just act like kids like I told you to.”

Back then I almost died, Allen tried to persuade to let us go but nothing worked on him as if we were going to be killed on that night, but then someone came, saved us from the misery and bargaining our life. That person is, Lorraine Alvarez.

I wake up as soon as I heard a knock from my apartment door. I can’t seem to brush my childhood nightmare back then. But I think if Lorraine didn’t come at that time Allen and I would probably be dead. She saved us but the price was too heavy for us when Adrian let us worked for his dirty-business.

Cautiously, I walked to the front door with a gun on my back for precaution. I open the door a bit then I saw her, young lady with the most beautiful deep-blue eyes and charming presence. She is the Queen.

“Hello, William.” She greets cheerfully, “There is something I want to talk, do you have time?”

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