[WR] Chapter 1

I rode my bicycle back to my place and put my bag on the small couch near my bed then went to sleep. I was not in mood to think about the ‘job’ he gave or the fact that our relationship was in stake.

First of all, Hi, my name is Sera Azuela. I’m 5’1″ tall, medium-length wavy red-head with grayish eyes and despite my spanish-like name, I was not born in Spain or grew up in Spanish Family. Azuela is my middle name and I don’t use my last name because I was adopted to begin with. I never knew my biological parents who I assumed already died because I was found right in front of the door of the orphanage with no letter or precious item as remembrance. It was like a normal-typical story of poor baby-girl who has been abandoned by their parents.

2 years later, I was adopted by Alvarez Family. I have one older brother and one sister. Despite we become a complete, loving, happy family, the Alvarez family is very strict and overprotective. Due the strictness in the house, they almost never let me out from the house unless I accompanied my sister for groceries. I even home-schooling.

The first son of Alvarez is Ace. His personality is kind of twisted, he can be kind and caring but he is so overprotective to his sisters, including me. While Lorraine, the daughter was an angelic sister that was very calm towards any situation as she sometimes fix everything when Ace messed up. Despite their different personalities, both of them care about me ever since I was a baby and I really love both of them like my own siblings.

In the middle of night when everyone was asleep, I caught Lorraine sneaked out from the house and went somewhere. I never knew until my curiosity gauge full and I braved myself to follow Lorraine to a place called Amore. I couldn’t investigate longer because when I went to peek the window, I was caught by a blonde boy who had strong-blue eyes like a cat as he pulled me roughly and called me a thief.

He brought me to someone he called Mr.Tiger until Lorraine showed up and saw me with shock. She ran to me, telling the boy named ‘William’ to let me go as she introduced me as her sister. Mr. Tiger, later addressed himself as Adrian said to Lorraine that he never knew she had a sister. After Adrian told William to release me, he let go his grip, giving me suspicious look until Lorraine and Adrian left to the kitchen and talked about me. The awkward silence broke when suddenly some children showed up and amazed to see me. At first I didn’t notice but few minutes later I realize this was an orphanage.

“Who are you?”

“Where are you come from?”

“Are you new kid that brother talked about?”

All these kids didn’t stop talking or letting me answer for just a second, until William calmed them down and told the kids to stop bothering me. William brought the kids to their room and then he came back, pat my head all of sudden.

“I’m sorry for calling you a thief and pull your hand so hard. It must be hurt.” William checked on my hand, a bit reddish but not leaving bruise mark. The blonde boy smiled, “I guess it’s okay, does it still hurt?”

I shook my head and told him I was okay. Later then, another boy showed up from another door. William called him whose name was Allen and the boy looked mess as in clothes and bruise on his body. His clothes was torn like being tore by feline and his hand had a bit that looked like canine’s bites. William asked if he needed any help but he declined and affirmative that he could handle it.

Back then, I was no sure what they were talking about but I guess they have some sort of animals on the basement, maybe stray animals judging by the bites that I saw on his hand. William went back to me a few minutes after Allen left him and the curiosity made me ask what was happening.

“Should you get him checked, who knows if the animal has disease.” I said.

William was flinched like he didn’t expect me to say anything about it. He even ask what did I know about animal’s disease. I didn’t mean to brag but even though I was just 8 years old, my fondness of reading makes me smarter than average kid. William laughed my reason and said Allen will be alright. I could feel he diverted the topic quickly by introducing himself.

“My name is William, 12 years old. what’s yours?” he said casually and stretching the hand.

“Sera, next month I will be 8 years old.”

We didn’t talk much after the introduction when Lorraine told me that we should going home before it’s late. I bid goodbye to William and also Adrian who looked from a far was waving at me with smile. To begin with it’s my first talk to someone around my size and the children who I haven’t had chance to talk or play with also looked friendly. I asked Lorraine if I can visit them again but she hesitated for a second and was a about to refuse.

“I promise, I won’t tell Ace or dad about this trip. We can say we are on trip, maybe? Please?” Lorraine took a deep breath and concern, “It’s just an orphanage, even if they find out, they will think we are doing good things.”

Then I saw her facial change to worry, “No, they must not know about this! I will take you here but you have to promise, no, swear on your life that you will not say a single word about this.” She grabbed my shoulder and almost hurting me. I nodded quickly. She let out relieve sigh and hugged me.

“I’m sorry, Sera. You have to promise me that neither Ace or dad know about this orphanage or about our trip.”Again, I nodded.

I didn’t understand what she meant back then and I never ask. Until now, I regret that I never ask why she was being so secretive about it. Because three monts later, the orphanage was destroyed, burnt to ashes and Lorraine was missing ever since then as her body never been found on the scene. Not only her, but also the other kids, William, and Adrian.

We never knew what cause of her missing until a detective visited our house and asked Mr Alvarez if the photo that he showed them was Lorraine. He was so devastated when the detective explained she was found, completely scorched and the CSI matched her DNA to make sure. Hearing those news made me sank and cried.

Five years later, a letter came in and what is inside made me surprised and I was determined to find out what’s behind my sister’s death and my true identity.

I know who is your sister’s killer

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