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2B! 9S! NieR:Automata!

Today my timeline is full about NieR:Automata especially on 2B. You must have known about the new-released PS4 game that tells a story about Android, a spin-off from Drakengard. I will be honest with everyone that I don’t have PS4, I don’t play DOD 1-3, I don’t even play the games AT ALL. But despite all of them, it doesn’t stop me to dream to cosplay one of these characters, right?

I forgot how I knew about Nier but if I wasn’t mistaken, I remembered one of my cosplay-senpai post about 2B and talked about how excited she was that a spin-off of DOD will be released. I began to search Nier and trailer then just like DOD3 Heroine, Zero, 2B is awesome! I simply love white-silver hair and strong woman character. Since the game hasn’t released, gradually I have seen some Cosplayers already debut for 2B, 9S and even EMIL! (๑꒪▿꒪)*

I already set my eyes to 2B ever since and dream, one day I will Cosplay her, for sure!

The hype is getting real when Nier:Automata released yesterday (23rd Feb) suddenly all my timeline is full of 2B, including me. I was so excited to find the details of her costume, the design, pattern and even search for Cosplayer who already cos her to find out what details that I haven’t seen yet.

But the more I do research, the more I’m feeling heavy to cos her. Because there are absolutely awesome people that nailed her so well and I suddenly felt insecure about myself.


I have one cosplan on March 2017 but then my focus started to split into three characters that I want to progress soon. Below is the current line-up for March: Yukionna (阴阳师); Blake Belladonna (RWBY) and 2B (Nier:Automata). I was so confused on which I should progress first because I have done researching for those characters, from it’s outfit until its prices. I asked people’s opinion about this, what do they want to see first, which one is the best to start first.


It’s a battle between Yukionna and 2B but most answer goes to: 2B (11 votes from 17 votes)

I’m still waiting and unsure if I should continue or no. Then I talk to my friend that suddenly I doubt I can deliver her well. My heart wants this but my brain tells differently. Until my friend stated his point of view and truth (this doesn’t mean to offend him and I never say he is wrong. Be open-minded.)


“You are more suited with cute characters in my opinion. The hot-topic character is not -necessarily match with you. Rather than following trend, you better Cosplay the one that fit with condition, because Nier just released and not even a year passed”

This is what I’m afraid of. To be told that I cosplay because of trend Nobody will tell you to stop what you want to cosplay, whether it’s from the most hype characters or the unknown one. Before I went chat my friend, I already have a thought when I posted my status and photo of 2B: will people think I want to cosplay her because following the trend? I hope not.

I don’t choose a character because of trend but because I have known the character a little bit early before the hype and I want to make it comes true rather than just talk.

Let’s discuss about how I pick a character to cosplay:

  1. I  have to love the costume design and character development or personalities. This reason works as a package. Not one or another, it has to be both of them. It will be pointless if I love the costume design but I don’t know or hate the character and vice-versa. In this case, sometimes I take the character from Game (PC/Mobile) which 80% of them I don’t play because I don’t have the console OR I cannot play because I suck (HAHAHA. seriously), another reason is most of the characters are wearing ARMOR.
    My first example is Hanayo Koizumi. This is the first character that I looked through for costume design. Back then Love Live is very famous with its game and anime. Although I don’t really immerse to the game or anime, I think their costume design is very cute and the character is very interesting! Up until now, I have cosplayed Hanayo, Nozomi and Nico!
  2. I have watched the Anime or read the Manga. This is very tricky to me because:
    1. I don’t follow up much about Anime these days so my Cosplay-focus is gone back-in-90s (e.g Sailormoon)
    2. Not all people read what I read. Most of it’s not that famous except Fairy Tail.

    Second example is Mirai Kuriyama. I watched the anime until to its Movie. I love this Anime so much! Before the movie out, I planned to cosplay Mitsuki but after watched the Movie, I want to be her lol (Although, I don’t deliver her well)  ( •̀ω•́ )σ

Reaching at the end of today’s post, despite all my insecurities and lack of confidence feelings, I do want a chance to cosplay 2B. Deep down I hope I’m not disappointing people’s expectation and mine. It’s a challenge for me and I accept!

Last words, I don’t mean to offend, hurt or even harm anyone during the process of making this. Please be assured! If you feel differently, you can reach me through facebook and talk. Thank you for reading my blog!



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