[WR] Prologue

Can you come to my apartment? There is something I want to talk about, was what I received first thing in the morning. After been through three-days of sleepless night, waiting for him to text back a simple ‘hello’ that was he could say. I rushed to the bathroom, did quick makeup and prepare myself to hear what he had to say to me.

I grabbed my bag and went to his apartment which located not too far from my house with my bicycle. Like I said, it wasn’t that far but I still have to pass one traffic light and before I could, the rain started pouring. Great, now I had a bad feeling about this. I feel this kind of situation only happen on shoujo manga where the heroine got rejected by her boyfriend. The question is; am I going to go through the same?

I pulled up my hoodie to cover my head and rode my bicycle to the first destination. Funny, the rain stopped when I reached his apartment. It felt like the rain was mocking me. I parked my bicycle and went ahead to the lift, pressing the 10th floor. My heart beats so fast, nervous about what would he said because I wanted to prepare myself for the worst but how worst it is that he didn’t reply my message and said to meet him at his apartment.

I walked faster to his place as soon as I got off the lift and rang the bell and wished it wasn’t woman who opened the door. He opened the door with stiff expression, raised his brow like he had no clue that I was at his front door. The blonde man made ‘sudden remembrance’ expression and let me in. I could see his coffee table was full with papers and articles with his laptop showing codes that I can barely understand.

“Sit wherever you can sit. Do you want coffee or tea?” he asked, while walking to the kitchen.

“Coffee, please” I ordered and sat the couch where there was no paper lying around.

He got back from the kitchen and passed me canned coffee. I was about to ask why he called me today and where he had been for these three-days but before I could do it, he handed me brown envelope, sealed tight and addressed to me.

“Your new job.”

I astonished and didn’t expect that coming. A job? I thought we had something more important to talk about, like our relationship here, a relationship that already on stake where you were gone for days, didn’t reply my messages or even talked to me about it and suddenly you just give me a new job? Are you kidding me?

I kept all that questions on my mind while looked at him with confuse expression to make him notice that I expect something more but he just said nothing and went back to his laptop.

“If you don’t have any question, you can leave and discuss with the team on how you finish the job.”

I deliberately let out a loud scoff and without reading it I walked out like he wanted me to. I stopped for just a second before opening the door and turned back to ask him one last time before I leave.

“Is there anything else you want to talk about? Especially about us?” I emphasized the last question.

“No. You can leave.” He replied firmly.

Angry by his answer I crushed the metal can and threw the empty can to right on his head and ran away before he could turn around and yelled to me. Fine, if he didn’t want to talk about it I won’t bother him anymore, that stupid jerk. Why do I even fall in love with him?

I leaned back on the lift and thinking about the question that I asked to myself. How can I fall in love with someone like him? He is ignorant, playboy, selfish, reckless, stupid (well not that stupid) and so many more. But despite of that flaw he is gentle, sweet-talking and handsome, maybe that’s the reason why I love him. On my way back, I started to remember how I met him for the first time and how we ended up like this.

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